Mission and Values

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European Centre for Addiction Prevention has the main course of action disclosure challenges faced by drug users. We act for innovative approaches in order to change the collective mindset about addiction, knowing that it takes time and concerted actions of civil society and state institutions. ECPA has recruited over time resources to help improve public policy in a more effective manner closely with grass-roots needs.

Awareness. ECPA conducts actions in preventing illicit drug use, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and development, monitoring and evaluation of public policies. We work actively with media impact to promote the role of NGOs in this field, inter-institutional cooperation, both nationally and internationally; raising awareness of the importance of human rights in prisons as well as the dangers of drug use; involvement in programs and projects with similar institutions; Operations for the practical application of scientific research results in the field of drugs- and drug addiction.

Development. ECPA has developed projects in partnership with the National Anti-drug Agency, District 6 City Hall, District 3 City Hall, schools in Bucharest and prisons. We have experience in the development of projects in public-private partnership, ensuring cooperation between public authorities, private sector and non-governmental organizations, business associations and companies, where we work to allocate and use resources for the maximized provision of quality public services.

Sustainability. Through cooperation between public- and private sector in times of budget constraints, ECPA has put forward a viable alternative for achieving public actions under conditions where funding is wholly or partly provided by private entities. In partnership with the National Anti-drug Agency, the National Administration of Penitentiaries, and Ministry of Internal Affairs, we have developed approaches for the prevention of illicit drugs, as well as promotion of healthy lifestyles. This attracts other partners with working on steps proposed by ECPA.

Visibility. We have carried out an analysis and identified institutional mechanisms and legal framework in developing, monitoring and evaluation of public policies. ECPA has undertaken several activities to promote media impacts on the role of NGOs in the field. We developed the campaign “giving from the heart” and implemented during the last three years. It influenced inter-institutional cooperation, both nationally and internationally, by raising awareness on the dangers of drug use.

International. ECPA has prepared working documents for partnership action through involvement in programs and projects with invited institutions and actions in order to apply in practice the results of scientific research. We have benefited from the expertise of the Pompidou Group to prevent and combat illicit drug trafficking and consumption, as well as the Council of Europe in developing projects and activities relating to public policy. We will participate at Pompidou Group 2016 Executive Training. ECPA participated on behalf of Romanian official delegation to the 59th session of the CND in Viennna 2016. ECPA has partnerships to implement projects in the field of drugs with support from Norwegian institutions and organizations as Correctional Services from the Southern Region, Trondheim municipality and Phoenix Haga.

Capacity and sustainability. Our organization has all resources necessary to cooperate on projects. In terms of organizational capacity, we developed and implemented management methods. Each project can be counted individually in terms of scope, cost and time. In this way, we can quantify effectiveness, value and results of each project. We implement procedures and working methodologies according to nationally recognized standards and we have mechanism for coordination, monitoring and control activities that ensure fair and efficient process management. Regarding motivation, the experts participating in this project know that matters involved are not in any simple case, our role is to help the community to produce changes for themselves, to adopt a participatory approach and to select their own priorities. Our involvement in the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies is consistent with the principle of sustainability. This is important for organizations and their programs, since it is important to approach development in ways that are lasting, rather than depending on assistance and external intervention.

The partnership with public institutions creates a strategic vision, favoring the positioning of the organization in the external environment and the flexibility to adapt to changes in this environment. The challenge offered by this project compel us to strengthen our organizational capacity and mobilize resources to meet our obligations towards financier. Further, the partnership with the European and Norwegian institutions motivates us to value individual capacities, abilities and skills as well as to ensure that financial resources are managed responsibly and effectively. We believe that by increasing the capacity of civil society organizations to be involved in public policies is crucial to the success of development interventions and objectives formulated in accordance with the priorities identified at European level. Implementation of the project in partnership with the European institutions and the Norwegian will bring added knowledge and experience that will be lessons learned. The motivation for implementing this project is strengthened by the opportunity to develop human resources and an organizational culture consistent with good practices at European level and to strengthen bilateral relations with similar organizations and institutions.


Centrul European pentru Prevenirea Adicţiilor iniţiaza şi susţine campanii de informare și educare, comunicare la nivel local, naţional sau internaţional, elaborează și realizează materiale de informare şi educare în domeniul prevenirii adicţiilor.

Desfăşoara activităţi de lobby și advocacy, suport şi reprezentare pe lângă forurile naţionale, europene şi internaţionale în vederea adoptării de instrumente legale menite să asigure şi/sau să îmbunătăţească activităţile de prevenire, consiliere şi asistenţă în domeniul de referinţă.

Participă la programe de perfecţionare în domeniu, schimburi de experienţe, activităţi de sensibilizare şi conştientizare pentru şi în colaborare cu instituţiile publice cu competenţe în materie şi societatea civilă; Acordă servicii de consiliere medicală, psihologică şi socială individuală şi/sau de grup.

Iniţiază şi derulează proiecte de dezvoltare a capacităţii organizaţionale proprii, a instituţiilor publice şi a organizaţiilor fără scop patrimonial în vederea acordării de asistenţă pe baza unor standarde minime de calitate pentru persoanele dependente, cu finanţare proprie sau prin accesarea de fonduri europene, structurale, publice sau private.

C.E.P.A colaborează cu instituţii din ţară şi străinătate pentru clarificări conceptuale, pentru stabilirea politicilor şi strategiilor ce trebuie urmate în domeniul promovării drepturilor, activităţilor de prevenire şi a asistenţei specializate în domeniu adicţiilor, în conformitate cu instrumentele internaţionale în domeniu.

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