Our organization is proudly part of the following networks:

EURAD – EURAD is a European non profit drug policy Foundation that advocates a prevention and recovery oriented drug policy at national and international levels.

DIANOVA – Dianova is an international NGO which comprises associations and foundations operating in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Dianova’s member organizations contribute to the development of individuals, communities and organizations through a variety of programmes and interventions in the social, health and humanitarian sectors.

YODA – YODA is a network of organisations and individuals that was set up in 2011 to meet the needs of young activists and professionals who have been disenfranchised when it comes to determining drug policy but are amongst those most affected by drugs and the drug laws.

We have protocols with:

ANP – National Penitenciaires Administration

ANA – National Antidrug Agency

Many people and organizations provided support in our calls to action. We would like to thank them all:

Mihaela Borcea, Adrian Mutu, Marcel Pavel, Monica Gabor, Adina Buzatu, Cătălin Botezatu, Nicola, Trupa Vank, Raluca Sandu, Ana Maria Prodan, Cornelia and Lupu Rednic, Răzvan Lucescu, Ciprian Marica, Dani Coman, Marius Alexe, Ionut Dănciulescu, Sophia, HI-Q, Andrei Leonte, Sunrise, Anna, Roxana Marcu, Ovidiu Burca, Luminita and Ionut Mazilu, Cristina Niculae, Carmen Ciobotariu, Marian Drăgulescu, Anamaria Brânză, Ciprian Sora, Petru Luhan.

C.S. Chiajna Football Club, Romanian Kempo Federation, Niro Investment Group, C&I Corporation, Starbucks, Mini-Prix, Elmiplant, Mandy, Dinamo Bucharest Football Club, DCM Design, Ad Garage, Burak Toys, Auto Total, Diverta, Phoenix Aventura Park, Scuza, C. S. Dinamovistii Fight.

National Antidrug Agency (Agentia Nationala Antidrog), Sfantul Cleopa Humanitarian Association.


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